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“Adaptive music” is a term that has been buzzing in the game industry the past few years.

If you’ve played any one of the many AAA titles released recently, you’ve probably experienced it. And — if it was done well — you likely didn’t even notice it. So, what exactly is it?

Adaptive music is, when boiled down to its very essence, music that changes and transforms. Typically, it is mapped to the actions of the player — be it combat, movement, or interactions. Alternatively, it could be mapped to change with the environment (for instance, day/night cycles), or any variety of parameters. The goal it to provide a deeper level of immersion for the player by having a soundtrack that adapts to what is on screen.
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Welcome to the new Website; let me show you around!

Welcome to the new! This redesign marks the 10th anniversary of my work in the industry. Since my start, I’ve amassed over 50 credits in the industry — many of which you can view in my newly updated portfolio section of the site. As always, you can fill out the contact form for quotes and questions about my services.

With this resdesign, I’ve aimed to bring all aspects of my previous formats together. Originally, my website was solely a blog — simply a place to update listeners with what I’ve been up to. Shortly afterwards, I added a music player. Then, a contact form for quotes. As the years passed, and my role in the industry strengthened; the website transitioned from the casual blog to a virtual portfolio of my work.

I’ve missed writing — interacting with the minds of my listeners was the inspiration for the website when it was launched back in 2004. Nonetheless, I understand the importance of having a comprehensive portfolio to showcase my work. This new redesign represents to best of each world — an outlet to share both my thoughts, and my work.