Website Updates; New music and exciting game projects!

website updates; SEO

Recently I’ve been going over the website and updating information, as well as giving it a subtle facelift. Among those changes are general search engine optimization (SEO) updates. Back when I started this website (in 2006), SEO was pretty straight-forward — web developers had a few big things to make sure they did (like fill out the metadata information), and they were largely good to go. Fast forward to 2017, and it’s a completely different world. Search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, and SEO has become an art in and of itself. Over the coming months I’ll be making mostly “under-the-hood” changes to the website in hopes to boost the site’s search ranking. If you’d like to help — please click the Facebook “like” button at the top-right hand corner of the site. I’m thinking about doing some sort of small giveaway to generate buzz (OST giveaway or something).

In other news, 2017 is shaping up to be a pretty fun year for releases! My friends at Armor Games have launched a snazzy new website for their larger mobile and PC releases ( It’s a very slick presentation of current and upcoming releases by Armor Games (like Sonny, which was released in January for iOS). I’ve got some exciting game projects in the pipeline — I’m looking forward to writing more about them when the time comes!