Gemini Strike Now Available on Google Play!

For those of you not familiar with the game, Gemini Strike is an arcade-shooter-rpg hybrid that’s a blast to play. This was a hit on the iOS app store, and we’re really excited to bring this over to Google Play.

I’m especially proud of the soundtrack and sound design for this one. We used a modified version of Sinjid’s sound system (dubbed “Canary”) to bring a really adaptive soundtrack to the gameplay. I was also able to take a stab at an orchestra/dubstep fusion track!

And perhaps best of all — it’s a F2P title (and NOT pay to win). Players who are a fan of shooters/RPG-style games should give it a try. Here’s what TouchArcade had to say about the soundtrack:

“I have to mention the awesome music which ranges from classical opera to futuristic space tunes. The coolest, however, is listening to a track and having the bass drop at the sight of a big boss (which are pretty awesome fights in their own right).”

-Touch Arcade

You can download Gemini Strike on the Google Play store. 

gemini strike